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Gadget Bans On Airplanes Due to Possible Interference is a Lie!

Gadget bans on airplanes due to possible interference is complete bull according to New York Times reporter Nick Bilton. I always knew it was a crock due to my engineering background and some basic-level physics. If a tiny mobile phone...

JetBlue offering free WiFi in the Sky

According to Reuters, JetBlue, Yahoo and Research in Motion plan to offer free, in-flight, Wi-Fi web connections for laptop computers and advanced cell phones, Rim said on Thursday. The service will allow passengers to access customized Yahoo mail and Yahoo...

Verizon Inflight Wireless Broadband

According to PRNewswire, "Verizon Airfone has made significant progress toward providing wireless broadband services for U.S. air travel. The announcement follows the FCC's establishment of rules for auctioning spectrum in the 800 MHz band dedicated to commercial air-to-ground telecommunication services....

Wireless Broadband on airplanes

Some interesting news worth sharing. AirCell has announced the successful testing of wireless broadband that works while travelling on an airplane. Tomorrow, AirCell will announce the successful completion of its extended airborne demonstration program that allows potential airline customers and...
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