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Fab Four Heading to Rock Band; Can iTunes Be Far Behind?

In an auspicious time for the music business, we may have the first big hint that the Beatles may finally be on the way to Apple's iTunes.That's a big leap of faith but hear me out: The Beatles' label Apple...

Apple vs. Apple: How About Downloadable Beatles?

Much ado earlier this week about Apple Computer winning a British court case that enables it to keep its bitten-apple logo on iTunes. Seems that Apple Corps (representinng living and deceased members of the Fab Four) thought that symbol infringed...

Apple vs. Apple: Round 3

Like the old Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy, we now have the latest version of Apple vs. Apple.  According to Newsfactor, Apple Computer will meet the Beatles' Apple Corps in court this week in London, where a judge will decide...
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