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Truphone Offers Free Calling on Thanksgiving

Truphone is in a giving mood this holiday season, offering free calling on Thanksgiving. Only way to top that offer for Christmas is to pay you to make call on their network on December 25th. Now that would be sweet!Check...

Top Selling Mobile Phones for June

  According to Swedish case maker Krusell, the Top 10 selling mobile phones in June 2008 were: 1. (8) Apple iPhone 2. (5) HTC Diamond 3. (3) Nokia E51 4. (2) Nokia 6300 5. (1) Nokia 3109 6. (9)...

Cool Phones for FiOS, Uverse and other VoIP providers

Home phone systems haven't kept up with the latest innovations in mobile handsets, such as Internet access, streaming video, camera, etc. Considering many people are now choosing VoIP providers such as Vonage, Packet8, Skype, etc. which already sit on the...

No Skype for Apple iPhone

With the Apple iPhone coming out Friday no doubt many people are wondering if you can install Skype or any other VoIP application on the iPhone. Well......

Apple iPhone has launch date

According to CNet, the much-anticipated Apple iPhone release is sooner than you think. The CNet article states, "Cingular is confirming that the release date will be June 11. A customer service manager at Cingular (we called 800-947-5096 and were transferred...

Conan's Apple iPhone Commercial

Conan O'Brien's show had a funny video talking about all the uses of the much-hyped Apple iPhone and how it can do everything including open a bottle, change TV channels, blow dry your hair, grate cheese, and even function as...
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