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Much Ado about the Apple 'Brick'

Mac enthusiasts have been transfixed lately by the mystery product, code-named "brick," that's due for release later this month.Some bloggers and pundits have suggested it might be a new iteration of Apple TV or an updated Mac Mini. But according...

Downloaded Movies Were Meant To Be Free

Nice to see Roku back and how about hooking up with Netflix in the announcement of a $100 set top box that streams free movies (for Netflix subscribers) to the living room. Instead of wading into a losing battle...

PBX Prompts for Asterisk and other open source PBXs launches tomorrow

Garrett Smith informed me that Sayers Media Group tomorrow will launch PBX Prompts. What is PBX Prompts? It's pretty much what it sounds like. PBX Prompts offers a variety of standard voice prompt packages for Asterisk and other open-source systems...

Asterisk on Apple TV Tutorial

My Apple on Asterisk blog post immediately drew a response from several Asterisk fans, including the person that "hacked" Apple TV to run Asterisk (l0rdrock). I emailed l0rdr0ck and Steven Sokol about how to get Asterisk running on Apple TV...

Asterisk on Apple TV

An interesting Apple TV hack from the AwkwardTV project features Asterisk running on an Apple TV box. The Asterisk story was Dugg over 500 times, as well as several other AwkwardTV posts, which caused the website to go gown (the...

But I Wanted My iPod Games on Apple TV

Now it doesn't look like any iPod games are going to make it to Apple TV (at least according to this report) -- even with a mid-March availability for the 'tube product. But don't you think it would be nice if...
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