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Want To Know What the iPhone 3G Really Cost?

How about $174.33 ...And while the bill of materials doesn't include the price of shipping the phone, selling it or creating the software that runs it, the inexpensive design is said to be a deliberate move by Apple to fulfill...

'iPhone' Phone Home: Apple Wants You

 It's always fun to read AppleInsider for the latest news, buzz and rumors of what's going on inside the core of Apple Computer. Well, it's not a surprise to many of us (I expect) to read today about Apple seeking the...

Apple Cell Phone on Its Way?

Why is this man smiling, you ask?Don't suppose it's in response to all of the recent chatter about Apple's September 12 special meeting/announcement and, separately, Apple's cell phone plans. Great article on AppleInsider lays out the intrigue about product development of this mysterious...

How About a New Battery Standard?

With all of the noise about Dell's exploding batteries and increasing in-flight security precautions, isn't it about time that battery manufacturers got their act together to make better batteries?Well, it doesn't take along ... According to the always interesting AppleInsider, leading...
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