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VoIP Providers Must Send 911 Fees To Pennsylvania

The news below could spell disaster for the VoIP broadband providers, including Vonage, Packet8, AT&T CallVantage, Broadvoice, SunRocket, Voicepulse, etc. Basically, this legislation states that monies collected already by the broadband VoIP providers must be turned over to the state...

FCC e911 - Countdown to VoIP Armageddon

The FCC extended the e911 deadline once already with its due date now August 29th - that's four days away. That's this Monday! IP Inferno reminded me with today's blog post (been having Google Talk on the brain I guess).I've...

CallVantage Outage yesterday

AT&T CallVantage experienced an outage yesterday that affected their website, their CallVantage service (no VoIP phone service), and their call center. That had to be a first - you try and dial the phone company - AT&T - and...

CallVantage: Only 53,000 Customers

From VoIP Blog - Rich Tehrani: AT&T has been reluctant to share their customer numbers and I assumed that was because they were low. It turns out that 53k is the number of users they have while Vonage is going...
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