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Big Stage Adds Cool 3D Avatars to Skype

Big Stage today announced that their popular 3D avatars based on pictures of your own face now works on Skype with their new Skype Add-on. It's similar in concept to JibJab, perhaps the most popular site to feature animated...

Nortel uses Unreal Engine and Lands Lenovo as a customer of web.alive

Apparently, my skepticism over Nortel web.alive was lost on Lenovo since Nortel and Lenovo today announced the first-ever customer to its web.alive Virtual World Application. Lenovo uses web.alive to let shoppers browse, demo and interact with other shoppers and Lenovo...

Anybody Like the New Xbox Live?

The new Xbox Live look is supposed to kick off today so be sure to take a peek.The gaming platform now includes customizable avatars, an iPod-like display and easier viewing of Netflix downloads. It's got to be an improvement over what...

More of Us Will Be Living in a 3D Virtual World

An increasing number of industry players will help push 3D virtual worlds into a sustainable industry, reaching 33 million registered users by 2013, according to Virtual Worlds: the Internet of Avatars. This new report from Parks Associates details the evolution...

The Downside of Livin' in a Virtual World

Anybody remember the big noise about 3D virtual worlds and how they are going to change our lives forever? Well, that may still be true today, but how about the big time scam -- and big time bucks lost -- with...

More on That Second Life Thing

I blogged a bit yesterday about Second Life and now, for those who are interested, have found a very revealing report about how not to make money in that virtual world. Actually, apparently many think there is money to be made,...
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