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Nortel Fights On

Nortel - will they or won't they file for bankruptcy? Will they be chopped up into pieces and sold off? All the news these past few months leading to a crescendo of news yesterday stating Nortel is planning to...

Circuit City's Lights Get Even Dimmer

Circuit City, the No. 2 U.S. consumer electronics retailer, has filed for bankruptcy -- just weeks before the start of the holiday shopping season. (A sad day for the gadgets world ...)  CC is the largest retailer to file...

Worldgate Ojo VoIP/Videophone Service in Trouble

I've been monitoring Worldgate Communications, makers of the cool looking Ojo videophone for the past several days. I received word that their service was down for a few days and I attempted to reach them, but got a general mailbox....

Vonage offers $3.99/month to retain customers

Word is that Vonage is offering defecting customers $3.99/month for a year in order to retain them a Vonage customer. How can Vonage sustain profitability at $4 bucks per month? Anyone want to start the "Vonage files for bankruptcy clock"...
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