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Skype + Webcam Catches Shocking Abuse of 91-Year-Old

Skype isn't just a communications tool - it's a crime solver too. Enough in fact to put Batman out of a job? No wonder he's ticked off and hanging out with the Joker. In Jersey City, a home healthcare worker,...

"Holy Two-Face, Batman!" : Real Batman denied a Facebook account!

"Holy Two-Face, Batman!" The real Batman was denied a Facebook account! Batman's got more friends/fans than Superman and Aquaman combined. How could Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg do this? Do you really want to mess with the Batman?...

A Hot One for Lenovo!!!

Holy flaming laptops Batman! Crazy stuff just keeps on happening in the saga of explodiing notebook computers.  Now we have Lenovo pledging today that public safety "will be the company's first priority" following an incident in which a Lenovo ThinkPad T43 laptop (with a Sony...


Now how about this one! According to news from Yahoo! and the Associated Press, we now have a made-in-Japan device that records and reproduces smells! That's right! Smell-O-Vision! But seriously, folks, the Tokyo Institute of Technology's odor recorder can apparently...

New rootkit virus installs BitTorrent client to download movies

A new rootkit installs the P2P BitTorrent client and downloads movies to your hard drive. One of the initial movies downloaded via this new virus included Mr. Bean, which tops my "All-time Worst Movie ever Created" list. I hate Mr....

Holy Toledo, Batman!

Lucent is claiming they have a new technology for 3G UMTS networks that will rival the speed of DSL or cable? It will support data speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps, and future upgrades of HSDPA will provide theoretical maximum...
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