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WebRTC Test Demo Fun

WebRTC is pretty cool, allowing you to perform VoIP and video conferencing all within a browser. I thought it would be cool to demo some WebRTC code here leveraging getUserMedia, an API that began as part of HTML5 and was...

2013 - The Year of WebRTC

WebRTC has been making great strides of late. A few companies using worth checking out are bistri, Plivo, and twelephone. I'm in the process of testing bistri and twelephone, but I did actual use Plivo's proof-of-concept WebRTC offering, which I'll...

2012 WebRTC Demo Winners Announced

At the WebRTC Conference & Expo there were live demos of WebRTC technology solutions. The winners include Zingaya, vidtel, bistri, tropo, priologic, Plantronics, and PubNub, which actually won two awards - one for Best WebRTC Demo and also Audience Choice....
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