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Slacker Radio App will be pushed on to every Verizon BlackBerry Storm

The Slacker Radio streaming application, which lets users play personalized radio and buy songs from V CAST Music while they listen, will be "pushed" out to all Verizon BlackBerry Storm phones over-the-air. Whether you want it or not - though...

Palm Going the Way of the Dodo?

At a moment in time when smart phones are one of the few hot tech products, Palm, the industry's pioneer, appears to be dying. This morning, Global Crown Capital analyst Pablo Perez-Fernandez cut his rating on the company to...

BlackBerry Storm Launch Crashes Verizon Network

I was on the phone with TMC's Verizon representative to discuss changing our mobile phone plans. The Verizon rep told me it was bad timing since their entire intranet ordering system had completely crashed as a result of the...

BlackBerry Storm on Its Way! Look Out iPhone 3G!

Let the holiday season smart phone wars begin!!! Research In Motion (RIM) has introduced its BlackBerry Storm -- with its new tactile touch-screen -- that will be exclusively available on Verizon Wireless in a couple of weeks. Both RIM and...
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