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VoIPGuides Blog DELETED By Google. Why?

Vinay Rasam, fellow VoIP blogger over at reached out to me to tell me that for no rhyme or reason Google deleted his popular VoIP blog called VoIPGuides and hosted by Google's Blogger/Blogspot. If you attempt to go to...

Excellent Telecom & Voice over IP Blog

If you haven't been reading On Rad's Radar, you should. This TMC blog is written by Peter Radizeski the CEO of Rad-Info, Inc. Let me take an excerpt from his bio. "Today, I am still an agent for about 20...

VoIP Blogger Steals TMC Articles

Normally, I wouldn't spend my time complaining about someone plagiarizing my blog or any of TMC's other blogs. I've written about sploggers in the past, that take word-for-word the exact copy of your blog posts. But, I figured if I...

uPhoneBlog enables Email to Blog Posts

uPhoneBlog ( is a free project that allow users send photos and videos from their mobile phones to any blog or website in real time. It works with all cell phones and providers simply by using MMS (multimedia message service)...

Chris Lyman joins the blogosphere

Chris Lyman, CEO of Fonality, provider of Asterisk-based solutions, such as trixbox, just stated a blog last week. Chris is not only insightful and knowledgeable of the VoIP industry, he's very opinionated too, which makes for interesting reading. He's off...

Blogger plagiarism and sweet revenge

Today, the big story was about how Skype's protocol was cracked by a Chinese company. The blogosphere was all abuzz over the news. Most, but apparently not all the bloggers who jumped on this hot news, cited the original source...
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