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Counterpath acquires Bridgeport Networks

Bridgeport Networks has always held a lot of promise with their Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) offerings. They never seemed to gain a lot of traction in the market, but perhaps that's because they were a few years ahead of the...

Bridgeport Networks receives funding

BridgePort Networks is a leader in mobile VoIP convergence and a company I've been following for quite some time. On Monday, BridgePort Networks will announce a new investment of $13 million in Venture Capital financing in the company by its...

BridgePort Networks shows off Dual-mode capability

BridgePort Networks is making some interesting announcments at the CTIA Wireless show. Most importantly they are demonstrating how they leverages SIP and IMS to demonstrate seamless handover based on 'VCC' technical requirements. If you're not familiar with IMS or...
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