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McDonalds Drive-thru Gets a Microsoft BSOD!

I was going through a Microsoft drive-thru when I saw the dreaded Blue Screen of Death on the McDonalds computer screen. Not good. Check out the video: Part of the message reads: A problem has been detected and Windows...

Google Brings Location Info to iPhone's Safari

Google just added location info to Safari on the iPhone allowing you to see local businesses very quickly with a simple search. For instance, search on "coffee" and see the closest coffee shops or search on fast food places...

Am I Alone in Not Liking Video Game Ads?

Just how effective is that Burger King ad in the game NFL Street? Considering that more than a third (36%) of gamers actually bought, talked about or sought information about a product after seeing an ad in a videogame, per...

TomTom Go 910 GPS units infected with viruses

News reports from TomTom's own website reveal that some TomTom GO 910 GPS units were infected with a virus. The models affected were produced in one week in the last quarter of 2006 with software version 6.51. They claim the...

Duchess, what have thou doneth to thy French Fries?

Duchess Restaurants, one of my favorite "slightly above" fast-food restaurants with several locations in Connecticut, has betrayed me! They had the 2nd best-tasting French Fries to McDonalds fries and now they have done pulled a "Burger King" and changed their...
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