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WebRTC Conference & Expo Photos

TMC's WebRTC Conference & Expo Santa Clara 2013 kicked off yesterday to a great start with some jam-packed sessions. Participants include heavyweights such as Google, Oracle, Plantronics, Ericsson, Mozilla, and more. There's still time to register & attend. Check out...

California Plans License Plate Advertising - What the...

California, the most populous state in the Union and known as the Golden State is running out of "gold". No I'm not talking about the 49er miners panning the rivers dry from gold. No, I'm talking about our current form...

Amazon Should Collect Taxes? Over my Dead Gadget-Loving Body!

The NY Times must be smoking the weed again. They have an article posted the day after Christmas arguing that Amazon should charge customers state taxes to help fill the state's tax coffers. The NY Times writes, "Competitors aren't the...
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