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Vonage Time to Call iPhone App Makes Cheap International Calls

Vonage today launched Time to Call for the iPhone, a new mobile VoIP app that aims to deliver low-cost international calling. Vonage claims Time to Call is the first downloadable app that allows pay-per-call international dialing to more than 190...

Global Dialer - Cheap Minutes App - is Gone

A reader to my blog tipped me off to Global Dialer going out of business. They had a proprietary software application that you download directly onto your mobile phone that enabled you to make low-cost, 'one-click' international calls. The screenshot...

Free Calls on Skype

3 UK is opening up its network to allow anyone with a 3 SIM and a compatible handset to have unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls and instant messages without ever having to pay. 3UK announced that on May 1st users with a...

Free Calls on Facebook

Looking for free phone calls on Facebook? Well, IVR Technologies has what you're looking for. First let me point out that Rich has an excellent overview of IVR Technologies that is worth reading just to give you some background on...

Nonoh takes on Jajah in cheap mobile calling

Nonoh is a new mobile application that lets you make free calls leveraging your browser (PC or mobile phone browser). Unlike Jajah's free worldwide calling option which requires both legs of the call to be registered, Nonoh lets you dial...

SkypeOut free calling to PSTN due to network congestion problems

Check out this quote from the About SkypeOut website. "As a result of overwhelming demand and unforeseen call traffic to the regular telephone network, we are unfortunately experiencing technical difficulties which impact call completions and quality in the SkypeOut network....
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