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Boy Saved from Cougar by Golden Retriever

Yet another reason why dogs are the greatest - a Canadian boy named Austin was stalked by a cougar and when the cougar charged, Austin's golden retriever, aptly named Angel sprang into action and leapt between them. The cougar...

Skype for iPhone Comes to Canada

If you recall, I wrote how Skype for iPhone and iPod touch was blocked in Canada. A Skype representative told me, "There are some patent-licensing issues which prevent us from offering it there." The Skype representative went on to...

Skype for iPhone Blocked in Canada

I learned that the Skype for iPhone app is unavailable to our Canadian friends across the border in the Apple iTunes App Store. I contacted Skype for comment and their representative told me, "There are some patent-licensing issues which prevent...

Avaya acquires Nortel rumors

With today's news of Nortel's potential bankruptcy flying, my fellow TMC team members have been trading emails back-and-forth about Nortel's future. (See also Rich's overview). Brendan Read had an interesting take that I thought I'd share: This could cause...

CIA Offers VoIP Service?

Apparently the CIA wants to get into the VoIP biz. Oh wait, not that CIA, this CIA. Basically it's vs. Relatedly, (not is a blank page - cybersquatter? Anyway, Cybersurf Internet Access (CIA) is a trade...

Canada regulates VoIP

MSNBC - Canada leans toward regulating VoIP Oh boy! We knew it was coming - the regulation of VoIP. For now it's our neighbors up north, but could the U.S. be far behind? ...
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