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TV on the Go Go

Love to watch TV -- so why not on my mobile phone? In just a month from now (March 1 or so) Verizon Wireless, the second largest U.S. mobile carrier (time for the "We Try Harder" slogan popularized by Avis?) is...

Another Sony Black-Eye: Boston

When Sony bought CBS way back when, they also bought the famous CBS "Eye," which sought of looked like a black eye. I bet they didn't think they'd be using that symbol outside of the music or television business, but...

The Magic Four-Letter Word for VOD: Free

CBS's new video-on-demand deal with Comcast and General Motors ushers in a new, compelling concept in video on demand: digital cable subscribers can receive prime time TV shows for free. Starting today, cable viewers in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit will be...

Streaming March Madness

March Madness -- that great college basketball tradition -- is only one week away! Starting March 16, CBS will help us get our fill of all of the many outstanding college teams by offering free streaming broadcasts of games at Get...

That Was The Week That Was 11.11.05

Don’t know how many of you remember the great TV show “That Was The Week That Was” (also known as “TW3”).  Born on the BBC more than 40 years ago on November 24, 1962 (see for the whole story),...

CBS forgeries George Bush National Guard Service

I just read this article which is claiming the CBS documents about George Bush are fake. Power Line: The sixty-first minute What in the world is going on here? If it is proven that CBS has promoted the controversial Air...
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