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First Frameless Plasma Is Coming!

While not as easy to set TV technology firsts like Olympic swimming trials world records, still, it's pretty impress that LG plans to launch the world's first frameless plasma TV.The new model, dubbed PG61, the new plasma resembles a seamless...

Burn Baby Burn: Downloadable Movies to DVD

Let's get the lawyers out of the way! According to a CEA SmartBrief report, a film industry group plans to remove some of the hurdles that have prevented the legal recording of movies onto blank DVDs -- a further sign that Hollywood studios are...

Apple iMovies: Why Not?

In the "Why not?" category comes the iTunes/movies linkup. Although Apple's iTunes Music Store has sold more than 15 million digitized TV shows and videos (who would have guessed?), it  has yet to begin selling feature-length movies. Is this due technical...

Who's Number 1 in GPS?

It may be flying a bit under the proverbial radar when it comes to the land of gadgets, but gadgets with GPS navigation technology built-in are expected to become an 88 million market in 2010, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. In...

Robot Dog: New Fido on Its Way!

The Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) SmartBrief newsletter is always full of interesting items. Here’s one for your: Sony has discontinued AIBO, its robot pooch, but South Korea's DasaTech's Genibo, an LED-eyed robot dog, may be on the market sometime next...

Single-Gadget Theory (Update): PDAs to Shrink Back to Their Roots?

According to the XYZ Computing's Sal Cangeloso as reported in today's CEA SmartBrief newsletter, the PDA will likely return to its roots as a personal organizer and cede high-end features to smartphones and laptop computers. Will we ever have one single...
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