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Kids take photos of Earth's curvature using Balloon and Help from iPad

Oh kids these days get all the fun! I wish my science class (back in the day) offered our class a challenge to fly a cellphone with GPS & camera up into the stratosphere to take photos of the Earth's...

MOGO Wireless Boosts Cell Phone Signal

MOGO Wireless launched a series of cellphone signal boosting products at CES, the coolest of which simply plugs into your car accessory adapter to end those dropped calls while driving. (using your Bluetooth hands-free handset of course) MOGO's plug-and-talk products...

Motorola gold RAZR V3i phones

One thousand gold RAZR V3i phones have been produced and will be sold exclusively at Dolce & Gabbana boutiques worldwide. Like its predecessors, it features the famous RAZR slim shape, premium metallic finish and advanced technology such as photo messaging...

Cellphone GPS traffic monitoring

Zipdash - Mobile Map and Traffic App In a recent blog entry, I talked about my desire to "integrate" GPS with tracking technology to be able to determine traffic speeds and re-route accordingly. Well, who knew that just a few...
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