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Number Portability Still Sucking After All these Years...

I decided to drop Charter's triple play package because they raised the monthly bill from $166 to $222 per month -- only to find out that the curse of number portability still exists in 2011. Flashback: Back in 2006 I...

Time to dump Vonage

I never thought I would say this, but "that's it, I've had it with Vonage!" Let me tell you about my woes with Vonage lately. First, let me say that my wife has periodically complained about Vonage having voice quality...

Charter Communications Tech Support using VoIP

I've been experiencing 5%-20% packet loss over the past several days on my home Charter High-Speed cable connection. It's affected my home Vonage VoIP phone line. I called yesterday from Vonage to Charter, but the packet loss was so bad,...
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