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Republic Wireless Hybrid WiFi / Cell VoIP Service for $19/month

What if you could get a cellular plan for $19/month with unlimited voice? Well, you can (sort of) using republic wireless's hybrid WiFi/cellular network approach. It includes unlimited WiFi VoIP calling, 550 minutes of cellular voice calling, 150 texts, and...

Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB External Hard Drive

I was looking to buy a new cheap 2 TB (terabyte) external hard drive on Black Friday to try and get the best deal. Target had a special on the Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop external...

Global Dialer - Cheap Minutes App - is Gone

A reader to my blog tipped me off to Global Dialer going out of business. They had a proprietary software application that you download directly onto your mobile phone that enabled you to make low-cost, 'one-click' international calls. The screenshot...

Nonoh takes on Jajah in cheap mobile calling

Nonoh is a new mobile application that lets you make free calls leveraging your browser (PC or mobile phone browser). Unlike Jajah's free worldwide calling option which requires both legs of the call to be registered, Nonoh lets you dial...

Cheap Phone Service

Here's an excerpt from Phone Service at $199 per year. A start-up company will use Internet technology to offer flat-rate phone service for $199 a year. The service, from a company called SunRocket and started by former MCI employees, includes...
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