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Disney World Mickey Bars & Reason #9376 Why We Hate Lawyers

Nothing is better than a chocolatey Mickey Bar while strolling through a Disney World park on a hot day. So I go to buy one and see this ridiculous disclaimer: "Caution is advised. Items are hard frozen". Obviously, Disney is...

Cocoa (Chocolate) Genome Sequence Completed

Oh sweet joy! Mars, the company that produces candy favorites such as M&M's and Snickers announced that through a collaborative research team led by scientists at Mars, the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) and IBM,...

Cocoa bean (chocolate) genome being sequenced

The entire cocoa genome (DNA) is being sequenced and analyzed as part of a project to help create stronger, healthier cocoa crops. Cocoa, of course s the key ingredient in chocolate. Through the collaboration of the U.S. Department of...

LG Goes Chocolate

What's your favorite flavor mobile phone? (The heat must be getting to me ...)Well, if you said "Make mine chocolate," then LG has the phone for you. Yes, that's right, it's "Chocolate," which is now available through Verizon Wireless. The Chocolate mobile...
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