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CinemaNow Brings Movie Downloads to Windows Media Center

CinemaNow was one of the first to offer downloadable video content on-demand, but has been lost in the shuffle of competitors like Apple, Amazon, and Netflix for their digital movie, music, & TV downloads. And of course you have the big...

Netflix Gets into Movie Downloads (Finally!)

Don't know why it took so long, but Netflix is finally offering movies and TV shows via download, rather than by its DVD-by-mail service.  Guess they finally took their collective eyes off of Blockbuster and now are contending with such other online movie...

Qflix copy protection aims to enable DVD movie downloads

Hollywood studios have approved a new DVD copy-protection technology called Qflix that they claim will remove a major obstacle consumers now face with burning movies they buy digitally over the Internet and burn onto a DVD that will play everywhere....

Burn Baby Burn: Downloadable Movies to DVD

Let's get the lawyers out of the way! According to a CEA SmartBrief report, a film industry group plans to remove some of the hurdles that have prevented the legal recording of movies onto blank DVDs -- a further sign that Hollywood studios are...
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