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FreedomPop for iPod Touch - Free 4G Internet Coming!

Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom's new FreedomPop, a 4G broadband "free" wireless internet provider, which recently announced FREE 4G wireless internet for iPhone using the Freedom Sleeve 4G for iPhone 4/4s will soon launch the Freedom Sleeve for the iPod Touch....

VoIP on iPad - Yes!

Yes, it's true - you can do VoIP on the new Apple iPad. The iPad sports WiFi, 3G, speaker, and a microphone - all you need to do VoIP. But the real kicker is that Apple just modified their iPhone/iPad...

Vonage solves Clearwire blocking problem, asks feds for help

Interesting news from RCR Wireless NewsVonage Holding Co., the largest independent Voice over Internet Protocol provider, has solved the problem at least one customer was having when Clearwire Corp. blocked access to Vonage's VoIP service, said Jeffrey Citron, Vonage chief...
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