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HomePNA Ratifies Fast EoC Delivering 640 Mbps over Coax

Home wireless too slow for you? But too much trouble to "snake" Ethernet cables throughout your home for speedier performance? Well, today we have a new solution from HomePNA, which just ratified a new broadband access specification called "Fast EoC"...

Voice T1 over Coax Cable

ARRIS and Telco Systems have announced a product for MSOs to offer T1/E1 Services over HFC Networks. Combining DOCSIS and Advanced pseudo-wire circuit emulation technologies it enables MSOs to target small and medium business customers. Now when I eventually setup...

Coaxsys and ConFocus to offer TVNet (Ethernet-over-Coax)

Coaxsys, Inc., makers of multimedia-over-coax solutions, will announce tomorrow that it has reached an agreement with ConFocus Technologies, Inc., to provide set-top box reference designs with integrated TVnet. TVnet, the standard for Ethernet-over-Coax, is already deployed by more than fifty...
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