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Vonage Woo Hoo now Boo Hoo?

Garrett seems to think that Vonage's "woo hoo" TV commercial advertising is on the decline. His conclusions are not scientific but rather are based on his personal observations. I still have seen the Vonage "woo hoo" TV commercials, but I...

Terayon inserts ads into MPEG-4 IPTV streams

Terayon Communication Systems, Inc. a provider of digital video networking applications and home access solutions, today announced what they claim is the industry's first 'telco-optimized' solution that allows telecommunication service providers to create new advertising revenue streams to support their...

TV Commercials Rule!

Hey, did you know that TV commercials rule? I mean c'mon who doesn't love TV commercials? Wait a second, are you telling me you don't like commericals? Well, did you know that according to Parks Associates, "Consumers Warming to Emerging...
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