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Let's See How Crazy Black Friday Gets This Year!

Crazy Eddie take note! The Friday immediately following Thanksgiving has long been known as "Black Friday" because it represents the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season, or the day when retailers hold massive sales in hopes of steering their (red) losses...

Wal-Mart Getting Jump on Black Friday Deals

An upcoming Wal-Mart sale will offer Black Friday-like deals, including a notebook for $298 and 46-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $798.Just as it did last year with a sale that lured shoppers into its maze of fluorescent lighting for $350...

Voodoo PCs Undergo HP Mumbo-Jumbo

 It's a sad day when Hewlett-Packard decides to merge its Voodoo PC business unit with its consumer business.This were the ultimate gamer PCs from a one time stand-alone company that put a unique business model into play -- high-end performance,...

Are Mini-Notebooks on the Way Back?

Always loved the smallest of the small laptop PCs, but seems they never really took off for a number of reasons -- form factor is limited by keyboard size (chiclets anyone), features tend to not be pushing the envelope...

An Apple Sub?

Now you're probably thinking that Apple has taken brand extension to the outer limits, but I'm talking sub-notebook computer, not any other kind of sub (sandwich? submarine?). According the this report, the big bad boys from Cupertino are planning to...

AT&T/BellSouth: Will Cingular Get Any Better?

Much hubbub yesterday and of course this morning about the AT&T deal to buy BellSouth.And while these deals are great for the deal brokers and company executives, they have mixed results when it comes to making the winning company any...
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