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CompUSA store closings

CompUSA will close more than half of its retail computer and electronics stores in the next two to three months. CompUSA said it would shutter 126 stores - it currently operates 225 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico - within...

Maybe Vista Is Big at Wal-Mart?

I get all kinds of stuff in my e-mail (you can only imagine!), but intrigued with today's Wal-Mart Wire, which featured -- can you believe it! -- Windows Vista! (Wire is the weekly e-flyer from the big bad boy...

CompUSA to carry Xandros Linux PCs

CompUSA and Xandros announced a partnership today. Xandros, a provider of easy-to-use Linux alternatives to Windows, announced today that the retail giant, CompUSA, is now selling the Xandros Desktop product in all of its stores, nationwide. The Xandros product line...

CompUSA to offer Covad broadband

Covad and CompUSA have announced a deal to offer Covad's broadband in 168 stores nationwide. CompUSA and Covad have created what they are claiming is "a total technology solution for the very small business market". According to Covad, small business...

ZyXel Finds the HotSpots

Remote wireless connectivity can be pain, but the new (get ready for this name) ZyXel AG-225H Digital Wireless Wi-Fi Finder and USB Adapter can save you a lot of time and effort.  With this thumb drive-sized device, you can easily...
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