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Unlimited Free Conference Calls Anywhere In The World Using Any Type Of Calling Device

FreeConferenceCall claims to be the "world’s largest free conference provider". Ok, 'largest' may or may not be "hyperbole", but I thought for sure they were joking when they said they were "free", so I checked out their website and they...

Packet8 E911 Real Emergency Phone Service for VoIP

Some E911 news from 8x8/Packet8. 8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT) the Packet8 voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and videophone communications service provider, announced that the Enhanced 911 (E911) service it offers Packet8 subscribers, which mirrors that of legacy landline phone service...

MCI Conferencing

MCI announced a new conferencing service that leverages local access numbers across the entire globe. Personally, with VoIP bringing international calls per minute pricing way down, I don't see the need for this. But I suppose a Fortune 1000 company...
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