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Going Green with My Gadgets

We all love our gadgets -- some more than others -- but all of those TVs, computers, mobile phones and DVD players suck up energy and end up clogging landfills. How can you stay plugged in while minimizing the effect on...

You Can Buy Gadgets Everywhere!

A recent study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has found that 25% of people would be willing to buy their gadgets from Starbucks, 30% from Ikea, 40% from Bed, Bath and Beyond and almost 60% from Home Depot....

Slower Gadget Sales This Holiday?

The gadgets sooth sayers (also known as industry analysts) are predicting slower growth in holiday electronics sales, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle. (Can you believe that?) The sayers note that consumer electronics sales will continue to grow, but...

We Want Our HD & DTV

Just wanted to thank all of you who helped pump High Def (HD) and digital television (DTV) sales over the holidays.According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), sales hit 2.3 million, marking a 35% increase over the same two-month time frame...

Sports Fans Drive HD TV Sales

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, it’s not surprising to hear about how sports fans are driving HD television sales. According to a new survey "Inside the Mind of the HD Sports Fan" conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)...

Are the Days of a Single Cable Coming?

The Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) Technology and Standards' Mobile Electronics Committee recently announced a working group to develop an industry standard for a common portable device connector. This standard would create an electrical and mechanical specification for a standard docking...
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