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Ordering AT&T iPhone 3GS - You want my business or not?

So I'm trying to order a new Apple iPhone 3GS from TMC's AT&T's Premiere business website when what do my eyes behold? No iPhones displayed on the Featured Phone web page. Say what? Is AT&T dissing Apple? How can...

Skype Customer Service

I've railed against Skype's poor customer service in the past. I've received a few emails over the past couple months that go like this: I am a Skype customer who signed up with one ISP email and now I have...

Skype Poor Customer Service

Last night I received an email from an irate Skype customer pleading for me to come to their rescue. Apparently, the woman was double-charged on her checking account, contacted Skype's billing department via, and hasn't heard "boo" yet from...

Customer Service

I was checking out Andy's blog about "bad customer service" in the USA and as I was reading it I kept thinking to myself, "Yup, been there" or a Clintonian "I feel your pain..." In fact, reading this also reminded...
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