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Twilio, the Cloud-based VoIP/Skype App Enabler

Today, Twillio is launching their cloud-based VoIP offering that enables developers to add VoIP capabilities to any website with just three lines of code. Twilio's VoIP developer toolkit called “Twilio Client” enables realtime two-ray audio to voice-enable browsers, iOS, and...

SPIT and Spam DDoS - Fact or Fiction?

I've written about SPIT or "Spam over Internet Telephony" a few times in the past. Well, now I have a story to share that Dan York shared with me about SPIT leveraging DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks to bring...

Dan York Reviews Skype 3.1 beta

Dan York over at Disruptive Telephony has a good writeup on Skype 3.1 beta, a minor new release. I'm pretty busy this week to check it out myself, so go check out what Dan wrote. According to Dan, the newest...

VoIP Security Podcast

Dan York, a Mitel employee, VoIP security buff, and a blogger + podcaster was at the recent ITEXPO and TMC allowed him to record some of the paid conferences plus post them online for all to hear. Dan writes for...
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