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Telefonica Looking for Channel Partners to Crack U.S. Market

I met with Telefónica along with some other media analysts at ITEXPO just a few moments ago. At ITEXPO Telefónica is announcing they are launching a channel partner program. Telefónica has a very strong presence in South America and Europe,...

Moving a Data Center

Moving a data center can be fun. Yes, if you enjoy being up from 6am (Friday) to 2am (Saturday) it's a real blast. And then spending all day Saturday until 10pm screwing in rails, rackmounting servers, installing new KVMs,...

No, Gremlins Didn't Eat TMCNet's Web Servers

Starting tomorrow around 7am, TMC will be shutting down its entire data center and moving it to a world-class building about a mile away. So when you see, (several blogs), and various other domains going offline, no...
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