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Skype Responds to Android Vulnerability

Skype's Chief Security Officer, Adrian Asher responded to Android Police's article on a vulnerability in the Skype for Android client. He writes: It has been brought to our attention that, were you to install a malicious third-party application onto your...

Nimbuzz VoIP app on Apple App Store

Nimbuzz is a free app that lets you call (VoIP), chat, message, and send photos, music and video on your iPhone, which was recently made available on the Apple App Store. Using a centralized contact list you can connect with...

Upgrading MovableType Berkeley to MySQL

Upgrading to MovableType running MySQL instead of the Berkeley database was certainly a challenge, but it was worth the effort (I include the MT upgrade to MySQL steps below). I've been running the default Berkeley database for TMC's blogs, including...
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