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Microsoft MSN lowers Internet dial-up price

AOL recently announced a price hike in their dial-up Internet service. Microsoft is responding with a new price promotion for their MSN Dial-Up Internet access service aimed at AOL users that don't want to pay AOL's high dial-up costs.. According...

Netzero dial-up VoIP claims

The VoIP Noise blog is claiming that NetZero is finally offering their dial-up VoIP in beta utilizing their NetZero HiSpeed 3G technology, which they claim is practically broadband speed over dial-up. Uh huh... I could have sworn the Netzero dialup over...

Dial-Up VoIP Adaptor and Vonage Rumor

Skibare pointed me to a Yahoo news release about a dial-up VoIP adaptor from Nomad International. According to their numbers, over 80% of U.S. Internet subscribers are still on dial-up. I'm still not convinced that dial-up VoIP will have any...

Dial Up VoIP claim

Here's a claim for "free VoIP calls over dial-up". I don't have time to analyze this too much this evening since it is late (just got back from seeing Alexander the movie - my pick for one of the worst...

Dial-Up VoIP

In the VoIP Forums there has been a lot of requests for help in finding Dial-Up VoIP products. While broadband has recently surpassed dial-up users in the U.S., (see, there still are millions of dial-up users that would love...
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