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Samsung Bundles Boingo Wi-Fi With New Digital Camera

The convergence of wireless and gadgets continues. Who needs tethered cables to sync, upload/download, when you can do it wirelessly? Always hate having to plug my camera in to download pics to my PC. Well no longer!Today, Boingo Wireless, announced...

Pontiac G5 Internet Launch?

Looks like Pontiac is launching the 2007 Pontiac G5 on the Internet. I just saw a Google video ad on my blog stating that Pontiac is launching the G5 exclusively on the Internet. The images you see are snapshots I...

Star Wars in Digital

Star Wars "digital" is a viewing experience like no other. George Lucas set the standard in 100% digital movie making with Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menance. It was my first digital movie experience where I didn't see...
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