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Digital Transition? What Digital Transition?

Sometimes we just put our heads in a hole, don't we? According to various recent reports, more than six out of ten of us are unaware of the transition to digital television. Yes, that's right! The majority of U.S. households that...

V Chip Returns as v.gis

As I blogged about last week, today is the day that all new products with digital television receivers – including TVs, video recorders, set-top boxes and media center PCs with tuners built into the motherboard – must incorporate parental control capabilities with a...

Nintendo DS Adds Web & TV?

Sony's PSP may be all the rage, but word out of Japan (via PC Magazine and Reuters) is that Nintendo has some things up its sleeve for its own portable unit, the DS.Seems a card is planned to make the unit...

We Want Our HD & DTV

Just wanted to thank all of you who helped pump High Def (HD) and digital television (DTV) sales over the holidays.According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), sales hit 2.3 million, marking a 35% increase over the same two-month time frame...
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