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Muvee: Video Editing Is Dead

Wrote about Muvee when they made their debut at DigitalLife 2005.  Just received clever promo from them -- "Video Editing Is Dead" ( me know what you think ......

Need an iPod Case? Case Closed!

Your notebook computer gets banged up, your cell phone gets banged up, your iPod gets banged up – when will we ever learn that we need cases for these things! When I first stumbled across Case Closed Bags at DigitalLife...

NEC Monitors Are a Joy to Behold

Desktop flat-panel monitors have been the rage, and if you're thinking it's now time to move up substantially from the standard 15-inch variety to something better, then look no further than NEC's excellent new 19-inch 1940CX MultiSync LCD monitor.Recently introduced as...

WITI: Gadget Girls Rule!

Women in Technology International (WITI) recently conducted a survey that revealed that that passion for technology transcends gender.Survey respondents at DigitalLife 2005 in New York were shown nine different high-tech products that will be on sale this holiday season and...

Gametap Taps Classic Video Games

Two paddles, one ball -- the game that launched a  thousand quarters and a billion dollar industry in 1972 – Pong from Atari – is just one of 300 of the greatest arcade, console and PC games available at
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