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Sipera Viper Lab Identifies SIP Vulnerabilities That Threaten VoIP

After two years in stealth mode, reviewing, cataloging and analyzing VoIP and SIP vulnerabilities, Sipera VIPER Lab (cool name by the way, since I drive a Viper myself - photo to right ;) ) today released at CTIA several threat...

Toyota FJ Cruiser and Dodge Viper are the Collectibles of Tomorrow

I was reading a CNN/ article the other day that listed the "hypothetical" top 10 future collectible cars in the year 2027. The list included the Dodge Viper, of which I'm a proud owner, but also a Toyoya FJ Cruiser, which was...

Buying a Tesla Roader could be Risky

The Tesla Roadster is one of the hottest cars on the planet. In addition to being an exotic looking vehicle, it's also 100% electric, goes 0-60mph in about 4 seconds, gets about 135 mpg (equivalent), 250 miles per charge, and...

Buying a Viper using click-to-call VoIP

Cool - looks like my favorite car (Dodge Viper) and my favorite technology (VoIP) are merging together. The next Viper I buy from DaimlerChrysler can be done via VoIP using click-to-call technology from eStara (see release below). Of course, I...

Locking gas caps prevent gas theft

According to PhillyBurbs auto parts suppliers are rapidly selling out of locking gas caps, which were originally invented in the 1930s because of gas siphoning thefts during the Great Depression.According to the article, "I've never seen anything like this before....
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