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Netflix Temporarily Offline? On Movie Night? Ahhhh!

Oh joy - was checking my Netflix DVD queue to see if any interesting movies to stream as well as which ones arrived in the mail and I got this lovely error message: Watch as many TV episodes and movies...

Disqus Down

Tried to post a comment on a TMC blog but it appears Disqus is down. In the field where I would type my comment was the Disqus logo. I then tried to moderate a comment from the Dashboard and got...

Skype Down

Skype is experiencing a massive worldwide outage today. The last major outage was in 2007, in a story that I broke and it lasted a day. They also had a DNS issue back in 2004. Not exactly good timing with...

Packet8 Service Down

Almost exactly one year ago 8X8's Packet8 VoIP service suffered a major outage due to DNS issues. It now appears that both their domains and are down. But more importantly their VoIP phone service is down. Stay...

Amazon Down Due to Pricing Error or Metal Gear Bundle?

Several bloggers were abuzz with the news of Amazon's website being down today. One site claims "Some customers reported that traffic caused the site to slow down considerably". The reason? "THOUSANDS of customers were in shopping heaven today when a...
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