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AT&T U-verse Closing in on Verizon FiOS

AT&T U-verse is closing in on Verizon FiOS in the Battle of the Telco TV Titans. According to IHS iSuppli Research, "AT&T in the fourth quarter of 2011 added more video subscribers to its U-verse service than cellular/wireless arch-rival...

AT&T U-verse DVR Throughout the Home

AT&T U-verse customers have been complaining about lack of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) support that works throughput the home. Sure, you can get a single DVR box, but you can't view the recorded (or paused) content in the rest of...

Linux Embedded DVR

George Tang Industrial Corporation GDV-08 DVR George Tang Industrial Corporation introduced the GDV-08, its latest 8-channel DVR with built-in LAN and CD-RW. The Linux-embedded unit is bundled with Software Watchdog and realtime MPEG-4 compression. 8 channels? Now this is...
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