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Free Wi-Fi on the Nokia N800

Yet another reason to bet the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet - free Wi-Fi? An agreement between Nokia and Earthlink will allow Nokia N800 customers to access EarthLink's municipal Wi-Fi networks free of charge. Earthlink today announced that Nokia N800...

Vonage partners with Earthlink and becomes an ISP

Vonage has decided to move from their low-margin, high turnover business (VoIP) to another low-margin, high turnover business (ISPs) when they announced today that they are partnering with EarthLink's municipal wireless Internet networks. Essentially, with this partnership, Vonage is now...

Earthlink's e911 programming snafu?

Is Earthlink having an e911 programming issue? A reader wrote me saying:I'm an Earthlink VoIP customer since December '05 and Earthlink cannot set up an e911 address that is different from the billing address. I've had multiple tickets open with...

Earthlink MindSpring launches new VoIP client

On Monday, EarthLink will lean on a brand from the past, namely MindSpring to launch yet another VoIP softphone client. Seems like a new VoIP client is laaunched each week. I remember when TMC had a few dial-up MindSpring accounts...

New open source SIP softphone coming

Robert Liu, yet another esteemed TMC news-hound has discovered a new open-source SIP softphone that is going to be released very soon. Robert has an interview with the company developing this new open-source VoIP softphone next week, so I am...

Earthlink Vling uses Pingtel soft phone

Earthlink Vling uses a new product developed in open-source by Pingtel. Earthlink is Pingtel's first customer for their open source SIP user agent called SIPxua which Earthlink is using to support its rollout of its hosted VoIP Vling service. Pingtel...
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