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RCA Makes Android IP Phones? Who Knew?

I'm here at ITEXPO in Austin, Texas, a leading communications tradeshow, when what do my wondering eyes see? An email promotion from RCA promoting their new Android-based IP phones - the RCA IP150, RCA IP120 and the RCA IP110. Here's...

Do We Need Another Format? Try slotMusic -- Soon

In the latest attempt to shore up sales of music on physical media, SanDisk and the four major music companies have announced a new format called slotMusic. SlotMusic will be introduced in mid-October at such retail outlets as Wal-Mart... Makes It Easy to Get Personal

Skins, skins, skins – can you ever have enough of them? is an online treasure trove – with vinyl skins featuring leading brands for more than 500 consumer electronic devices. makes it easy way to personalize you favorite...
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