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E911 on Mobile VoIP is Seriously Broken - Here's How to Fix It

I moderated an interesting session at ITEXPO on E911 with a focus on cloud-based hosted IP-PBXs. Hosted PBX providers offer their customers significant cost savings and an advanced telephony features while eliminating the need for customers to procure and...

Vonage slams Skype for not following emergency rules

Vonage lays down the smackdown for Skype's refusal to adhere to Ofcom rules, an independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. Last month, Ofcom introduced rules mandating access to emergency services (999 in the United Kingdom) for...

South Korea VoIP Number Portability Shenanigans

We all recall how South Korea banned the U.S. military from using VoIP, right? The South Korean government, with the backing of major South Korean ISPs pushed for the ban because of the unlimited flat-rate calling plans offered by American...

Mitel Simplifies VoIP with LLDP-MED-Ready Open Standard

Some interesting news to share from Mitel claiming to be the first to use the LLDP-MED standard. This standard aims to improve deployment and ongoing management of VoIP endpoints as well as provide a standardized way of locating VoIP endpoints...
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