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Lenovo Taking Over Printer Market?

The computer printer market has been pretty much HP's for such a long time now it's hard to believe there's much competition (but don't tell Lexmark, Epson or Canon that ...) Now, in what could have seismic implications in this...

Nokia's Been Busy in the Lab

A Bluetooth killer or an enhancer? Seems Nokia's announcement today about its Wibree technology may be either one. A unique radio technology extending local connectivity to small devices, Wibree is an open industry initiative developed by Nokia Research Center. It complements other local connectivity technologies, consuming...

Epson Takes TV to the Edge

Epson's upcoming high-resolution displays, featuring something called "Photo Fine Vistarich technology" produce crisp, beautiful images even when viewed from a sharp angle — up to 180 degrees from the top, bottom, left, and right — with hardly any changes in contrast or...

Epson StoryTeller: Picture Perfect Photo Books

So many photos!  In shoe boxes, cigar boxes, you name it. What to do?Now, Epson (better known for its fine printers) has come out with its StoryTeller Photo Book Creator, everything you need to make your own photo book! (And...
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