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TringMe Launches WebRTC Chrome Extension

I've been covering TringMe since 2007, when they launched an Adobe Flash-based VoIP app. Later they added support for ChromeOS, VoiceXML, and even Silverlight. Today, TringMe's Founder and CEO Yusaf Motiwala informed me they've launched a WebRTC solution. WebRTC apps...

Firefox VoIP Extension open to any SIP provider

Luca just emailed me that his company just launched a new version of their Firefox VoIP extension that is open to any SIP provider. Luca writes, "A new version of the VoIP Extension is now available for download and it’s...

Firefox VoIP extension

Seems like everyone and his brother is developing VoIP extensions for Firefox. I wrote about Zoep which adds a VoIP extension to Firefox. It appears that Zoep's website is no longer available, so that project may have been killed. Openwengo...

Fix Old Extensions to Work in Firefox 1.5

A friend of mine told me he recently installed Firefox 1.5 beta 1. He told me about a problem he was having with one of his favorite Firefox extensions / plugins, namely Paste and Go, which wouldn't work with the...
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