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Tech Bubble 2.0 video

This is the funniest video I've seen in a long time. It talks about hitting the big time (aka making billions) by starting a technology website, blogging website, etc. The video is played with a parody of Billy Joel's "We...

Top Digital Cameras (According to Flickr)

Always love to see a Top 10 list, so it was cool this morning to see an article on Cybernet about the Top 10 cameras used on Flickr. (So many photos!) Anybody guess how many times Nikon and Canon appear on...

AOL Pictures launches

America Online announces the launch of AOL Pictures, a comprehensive digital photo solution for consumers who want an easy way to view, share, store, print and protect all of their favorite images. The free photo sharing website offers consumers unlimited...

Skype spam

I get Skype spam invites all the time, but they never include an enticing text message such as "Talk to me sexy." It's possible some of the Skype invites I get are legit. That is to say, Skype users could...
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