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Tweefind a new rank-based twitter search

Fellow VoIP blogger Luca has launched a new endeavor called Tweefind, which is a rank-based twitter search engine rather than a simply timeline search on keywords. Luca explains: How is the Tweerank calculated? Behind the scenes there is a sophisticated...

Luca's Top 30 VoIP Leaders on Twitter list

Luca Filigheddu has a Top 30 VoIP Leaders On Twitter post worth checking out. TMC's Rich Tehrani and I are on the list. Honestly, I haven't seriously started using twitter until the beginning of this month, so I'm just ramping...

Twitter Finally Embraced + Twitter Bug

I begrudgingly joined Twitter in December last year, but after joining and playing around with it for awhile I stopped using Twitter. It seemed like its only purpose was to stroke one's own ego by collecting a vast army...
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