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RuneScape Boards: Calling All Players!

RuneScape Boards is one of the fastest growing forums/communities for RuneScape members and players. Check it out at Interested to hear about other forums and why you like/don't like them ......

Asterisk Forum

The Asterisk forums have been pretty active lately on TMC's website. Someone posted asking for help getting SIP clients to register on his Asterisk server. If you think you can lend him a helping hand, go check out the Asterisk...

AT&T makes deal with the devil (cable companies)

I was reading on Cnet and several other news outlets that AT&T struck some deals with Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Communications, and Charter Communications. But have they struck a deal with the devil? Will the cable companies turn on...

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq using VoIP to call home

Whether you are in the Bush or Kerry camp, and as divisive this election year has become, I think we can all agree that we should support our troops. I was surfing the web and came across a company, Freedom...

Windows XP SP2, Skype and Limiting the number of connections

VoIP Forum and other Technology Forums: Windows XP SP2, Skype, eMule I posted this in the VoIP forums and thought it would be useful to blog it as well: I've noticed some problems with the number of simultaneous connections after...
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